All you need to know about Evolution Land

Are you looking forward to having fun alongside making money? Have you been searching for games that will keep you busy with pleasure that is beyond expression? Considering Evolution land will be a great choice. This NFT game is an exciting game that requires intellectual ability. This NFT game can increase your thinking skills. The Evolution Land NFT games for android and PCs come with computer-generated blockchain management technology, allowing players to play together and battle against each other. Evolution land is one of the best NFT games that everyone will love to play. 

Therefore, we are here to give you the full details of what you need to know about this fantastic NFT game

What is Evolution land?

Evolution land is an NFT game. It is a blockchain game that uses cross-chain technology provided by the Darwinia Network that has two continents positioned on Ethereum and Tron. In this game, you can buy and sell land. Not only that, you can govern your space, grow crops and create buildings. Also, there is nothing less than twenty-six continents in each different blockchain. Players can buy land on any of the twenty-six continents. 

Also, players can employ another player to mine resources on their land. As a player, you can also buy or sell lands on continents, extract resources and build buildings, PvP, scientific research, etc.

This unique game uses fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFT) owned by the users/players and protected by the blockchain technology where their continent is. 

Over the lands on the continent of dawning

Presently, evolution land already has some continents based on the blockchain and the fourth continent of evolution land, the continent of dawning. Evolution land will reserve two hundred and forty-nine lands. This is done to add to the resource lands of the central area; there are also gold mines, forests, lakes, volcanoes, hills, and other lands, which will be used for the distribution of prizes. 

How to play Evolution Land?

If you want to play the Evolution land game, you must take note of essential information. Players can purchase land in Evolution land at auction. The players can also select different activities to participate in the game. For instance, the miner can collect gold, wood, water, fire, and silicon materials produced in the earth, and the smelter can transform the raw material into items.  This NFT game offers casinos, arenas where users can play a variety of entertainment activities. 

Features of evolution land

  1. Free market:   The Evolution Land NFT Games allows users to buy and sell land, employ workers, land, and apostle in-game marketplace. Here you can regulate the price by players based on request and supply. It does not provide pricing control. Still, you can transfer trade and properties to a third party.
  2. Evolution Land NFT games provide up to twenty-six continents individually advanced on diverse public chains. It is a computer-generated simulation blockchain gaming technology that flawlessly mixes with cross-chain interaction.
  3. Cross-chain token economy: The token economy system comprises Evolution Land game scenes developed by diverse continents on the token, public chain, and properties. Consequently, one can interchange it in the free-market economy in the fully digital world. 

Furthermore, several other digital gaming display places are available, like online casinos, for making money by gambling at different stages.

Who are the Apostles in Evolution land?

The characters in playing Evolution land are regarded as “Apostles.” Each apostle comprises unique genes and talents, with several attributes that determine their abilities, such as mining, healing, research, and fighting. As a player, you can rent or sell these apostles to other users or set up your apostles for tasks based on their abilities and more. 

Apostles are essential charismas in Evolution land, and they complete most procedures performed by players due to the unique appearances, skills, and other features of the Apostles. Click here to read about 7 best most accessible NFT games that Indians are enjoying.

Collectible gameplay

Genetic factors determine the appearance and the talents of the apostle. An excellent and handsome apostle gathers more collection value than ordinary apostles. At the same time, the genetic factors are divided into leading and retreating genes. Some traits and skills will only show forth after the advancement of multiple generations of genetic alterations, lifting the rarity of various aptitudes and skills transmitted through genetic factors. The apostles who can possess rare and noble genes and good skills are even more infrequent, and they all complement the apostle’s collectible worth.  

Functional gameplay

In this NFT game, players perform various tasks in the game through Apostles. The natural genetic factors have diverse efficiency outcomes for diverse types of work. So, it is possible to cultivate apostles more fit for the position than for fight.

Ring token

Apostles can be purchased through in-game rewards using rings. The ring is the native utility token instigated as a smart contract in ERC20 and formed to find rarer ones. Actors use ring tokens as exchange and KTON to vote on governance parameters such as tax rates and, in turn, will receive bonuses from game income. 

Evolution land gameplay

  • NFT Collectibles: There are exceptional traits and up to ten gene-determined skills for innovative partial apostles and their offspring. Players may have to join or merge their apostles, increasing to unique apostles with an advanced genetic variation that matches the features of their parents. 
  • Education: The proficiency ability of the apostle allows each of them to have the right to work or battle and make him excellent through education.
  • Mercado Livre: Almost everything in this online NFT game can be traded in the game’s internal market or the external market. The in-game marketplace allows operators to change land or apostles or resources, employ workers or even find their apostle’s soul mate, and prices are determined by players driven by request and stock.


We believe that we have done justice to all you need to know about this unique NFT game with the above-listed facts. We will be waiting to receive positive news from you.    

7 best most accessible NFT games that Indians are enjoying

7 best most accessible NFT games that Indians are enjoying

NFT gaming in India has gone beyond the normal. Since 2019, India has been enjoying the rewards of playing some NFT video games. Today, India is one of the countries making it so prominent in the game world. The process started when the pandemic took over the globe, and everyone was looking for a means to survive.

Although NFT games have been popping up on Google ads, few Indians are playing those games then. But when the issue of COVID I9 came in, most of them lost their jobs, and countless people were forced to stay indoors. So, people began to look for what to do to earn some money, even in their closets. Then, they pick up the idea of playing NFT games and they start making some money

However, this article aims at informing other Indians that are looking for what to do and other people around the globe to take note of the most accessible NFT games that can bring some rewards without stress.

Also, we will not only list the NFT games; we will also explain briefly how to play them. Hence, here are the most accessible NFT games that the Indians are enjoying over the years;

  1. Axie Infinity: Axie infinity is not only famous in India. This unique NFT game is regarded as the most popular NFT game globally. Why? This fantastic game will make NFT games famous in 2021. It was an answer to what people were searching for when the pandemic started. People all over the globe began to have fun in their closets, and they are all making money at the same time. This NFT game is a Pokémon-inspired game. It is a place where players can fight, collect and trade pets for real profit. Then, you might be wondering how to play this fantastic game. To start playing this game, you need to set up an account. 

You can do that by logging into their website and then moving straight to the marketplace. Your job in the market is to set up Metamask.  Metamask is what you need to store your Ethereum, then link down the Ronin wallet.  After you have completed the registration, the next step is to install all the stuff necessary for the Axie infinity account. Then, start playing and earn.

  1. Ethermon: The next NFT game that came to people’s rescue since 2019 up to date is the Ethermon. Ethermon is also a Pokémon based NFT game. This unique game was launched in 2017. 

You can play this fantastic game in 2D and 3D for your information. To start playing this game, you will need to collect Ethermon. It’s a digital pet like the previous game mentioned above. You will be given the mons while playing this game. And you will use these mons to fight against other players’ mons in the battle ladder.

  1. League of kingdoms: This fantastic game also helped Indians during the lockdown. It was an experience they will never forget. This game was released in 2020. And ever since then, this game has joined the league of other NFT games that are ruling the world. This awesome NFT game offers you the best quality animation. Then, you will have to build the kingdoms gradually. The next thing you must put in mind if you want to be successful in this game is that it is a must for you to draw an action plan on protecting and defending your kingdoms from enemies and monsters. 

Another crucial thing to note in playing this game is that you can own digital assets quickly and trade them through NFT technology.

  1. Nine Chronicles: The next game that helped people and still helping them in India is the Nine Chronicles. This game is in the form of a 2D MMORPG game. In this game, every item is non-fungible token means that it has a unique value in real life. That’s sounds interesting. In fact, it is easy to convert the money to real cash. Nine Chronicles is available in windows. 

But the developers are working seriously on this App so that people can enjoy it on another platform. The features of Nine Chronicles are;

  • Adventure
  • Mining
  • Crafting and Trading
  1. Chain guardians: This unique game is an ecosystem. It’s a place where players can earn tokens ad their reward, and the tokens can be converted to money. Meanwhile, there are two kinds of tokens in this game: the CGC and the CGG. 

The CGC is an in-game reward given first; then, one can convert it into CGG. It is that CGG that can be exchanged with real money. Some features of this NFT game are;

  • NFT mining 
  • It supports cryptoverse from partners
  • Newbie friendly
  • Free to play
  • Play to earn
  1. Lost Relics: Lost relics is an exciting game that Indians can boldly talk about. This game has a unique way of adding to your income without having much stress. All you need to do is set up an account, follow the registration process step by step, start playing the game and earn. 

Also, it is expedient for you to follow the game’s rules and take some time to learn about the game before you start playing it. The features of Lost Relics are: 

  • Discover rare artifacts
  • Events and encounters
  • Blockchain Rarity
  • Valuable items
  • Multiverse support
  • Cosmetics
  • Multiplayer
  1. Splinterlands:  This is the most popular NFT game card. If you love card games, this game is the right choice. How can you earn in Splinterlands? When you win in a ranked battle, you will be rewarded with Dark Energy Crystal. And this Dark Energy Crystal can be converted into real cash using a Metamask wallet. 

The first step you need to take is to open a Metamask account. Then, visit, download their App, and connect your Metamask wallet to your game. Follow the registration process, start playing the game and earn some money. 


This article is not meant for Indians alone. It is also indicated for those searching for the most accessible NFT games to earn real money. You can read about All you need to know about Evolution Land by visiting